Roll Up Bug Screen Doors



Keep Birds, Insects, Bugs, and Animals outside while allowing fresh air inside your facility with our Roll Up Bug Screen Door. As an added bonus, when cold weather arrives again, you can swap the bug screens with solid vinyl panels. These interchangeable panels increases energy savings while creating a very comfortable work environment in the warmer months.

retractable-dock-door-screen Our line of roll up bug screen doors doors are ideal for Dock Doors, Dumpster locations and Warehouse doors. They maintain cooler temperatures while keeping conditions sanitary and bug and insect free.


  • Loading Docks – Dock Door Screens
  • Dumpster Locations – Dumpster Door Screens
  • Food Processing Facilities – Food Plant Door Screens


Roll Up Insect Screen – Mesh


The bug screen is small enough to keep flying insects out while letting fresh air flow into your facility. There are two different mesh screens to choose from based on your needs. Standard panels are made of 17 x 11 PVC coated mesh:

  • Roll Up Insect Mesh Door – This screen mesh has the smallest openings which will keep out the smallest of insects including, mosquitoes, beetles, spiders, wasps and hornets.
  • Roll Up Bird Mesh Door – This screen mesh is lager and will keep out most larger insects including birds. This mesh allows the most air flow through.

Roll Up Bug Screen Door – Features

  • The mesh door is vertically guided with a extruded aluminum channel.
  • In addition to these vertical guides, the roll up bug screen is reinforced with horizontal wind stiffeners.
  • A bottom breakaway bar is also included which will pop-out of the guides if hit by forklift. This prevents costly damage to the insect screens.

Power Options

  • The Roll up bug screen doors are activated via a Heavy Duty Spring-Loaded Roller which allows an operator to manually raise and lower the door.
  • For larger doors, an Electric Motor with an activation switch is used.


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