High Speed Industrial Doors

high-speed-industrial-doors There are a few variables you need to consider when ordering and installing high speed industrial doors. Because there are so many fast roll up doors to pick from (all designed for specific applications), you do not want to end up with a high speed door that doesn’t hold up or is overkill for your specific needs. Paylon is there to help you properly select the right high-speed roll up door for your business.

Considerations for Industrial High Speed Doors

  • industrial-high-speed-doorsFirst let’s consider the door opening size. If this is new construction then you need to project the type of traffic that you will have now, and in the near future. Each roll up door does not require much room for 2 empty forklift to simultaneously pass through a doorway, but if they are carrying substantial loads, this will require a wider opening.
  • Now let’s look at how many times per hour traffic will be going through the high speed rollup curtain doors. It may not seem like much, but 15 cycles per hour equates to over 31,000 cycles per year. A standard door simply will not hold up to that kind of high duty cycle abuse. The whole purpose of the fast roll up doors is to increase your production, not to keep your maintenance people busy.
  • Now consider the environment and temperature that your high speed industrial doors will be subject to. Some doors will hold up better than others to dirt and the cold.
  • Also consider if you have adequate space above your door way opening to accommodate the mechanism that holds the vinyl roll up door.
  • Remember, you’ll spend more for this type of door compared to conventional doors but the paybacks are substantial when you choose a high speed industrial door.


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Factory Roll Up Door

Factory Roll up Door The ideal location for a factory roll up door or sometimes called shop roll up doors is where conventional doors either slow up production or take up too much valuable space. Swing between 90- 120° into both rooms, creating a lot of on usable space. Because of its unique design, when using a factory roll up door there is no wasted floor space.



factory-roll-up-door Industrial roll up doors are stored over the doorway opening in a full length tubular shell. There are two major types of overhead roll up doors, mesh roll up doors and a vinyl roll up doors. The mesh roll up doors are used in areas that require ventilation while keeping out bugs and birds. It can withstand high winds and still cycle up and down. Vinyl roll up doors or rollup curtain doors are designed for fast cycle speeds, they are both easy to clean and maintain.

Built For Accidents

They will take more forklift abuse than a steel door because of their unique breakaway features that protect the panels and track components. Most of our warehouse roll up doors feature the breakaway bars which are designed to pop out of the vertical track if struck by an object such as a forklift. Some applications that utilize factory roll up doors are manufacturing facilities, warehouses, loading docks, and cold food storage facilities.


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Dock Bug Screen Doors

dock-bug-screen-door There is a major problem most manufacturing facilities or warehouses encounter. How can you get cross ventilation and air flow through a hot, stuffy building and keep intruders or pest out such as birds, mice and flying insects. Paylon has the solution with the use of our Dock Bug Screen Doors.


General Operation

When the Roll Up Bug Screen Door is in the down position, it still allows for maximum airflow and ventilation. This allows for cool air to enter the facility and keeps bugs and insects out. The dock bug screen doors come in a power or non powered operation depending on your traffic flow. Powered roll up bug screens are ideal for high traffic on the dock while manually operated bug screens are a better solution for low traffic areas.

Dock Bug Screens Are Easy To Use

Both doors are configured as an overhead roll up doors. This allows for easy retraction, and no loss of valuable floor space. Options are available to convert the bug screen dock doors to vinyl panels for continued use through winter or cold months. Panels are available as see-through or colored. Our high-speed rollup door also has a safety feature which protects the door and operator if contact is made in the partially open position. The door panel can break away from the track with no damage and then be recycled to the home position. Paylon offers this same feature in all of their vinyl rollup doors.


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Rollup Curtain Doors

rollup-curtain-doorsCommercial door applications requiring fast foot or forklift traffic are better suited for rollup curtain doors. Because they can cycle up and down at a high rate of speed (in most cases ranging from 3 to 10 seconds) this makes them highly efficient in such places as factories, assembly plants, loading docks, or cooler applications. Rollup curtain doors or sometimes called fast action doors come in different arrangement or classifications depending on your application. Spending more for a high-quality industrial high-speed door is certainly a better investment to maintain a high traffic flow.


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Commercial High-Speed Doors

Commercial-high-speed-door Paylon is a key supplier for commercial high-speed doors. With today’s very competitive marketplace, many manufacturing facilities and assembly plants are geared towards “parts on demand” to supply their production lines. This means vendors will bring in their product directly to the assembly line and keep the bins filled as needed to match production. A key factor in helping this process goes smoothly is the use of commercial high-speed doors or sometimes called high speed rolling doors.


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Flexible Roll up Doors

flexible-roll-up-door Paylon can offer you different variations of flexible roll up doors to meet the most demanding industrial applications. There are several advantages of using these industrial fabric roll up doors over conventional swinging or steel doors. Because they have soft sides, the door can be rolled up at a very high rate of speed. High-speed roll up doors can save a tremendous amount of heat or help retain cold air in applications for cool or cold storage areas. This is especially important when you have several cycles per hour moving a product in and out of storage.

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