How to Measure

Roll-up Door Mounting Options

Standard Application Mounting


  1. Doesn’t consume opening space
  2. Requires 4-8” per side for track
  3. Requires 8-20” for header roll
  4. Application – All Doors

  1. Consumes space from roll and tracks
  2. Track consumes 2-6” per side of opening
  3. Roll consumes 8-20” of header opening
  4. Application – All Doors

Special Application Mounting


  1. Used along with roll-up metal doors
  2. Both tracks run parallel to wall
  3. Header roll may consume some space
  4. Application – Bug, Bird & Vinyl Doors

  1. Used along with roll-up panel doors
  2. Cage is built over the existing track
  3. Doesn’t consume any opening space
  4. Application – Bug, Bird & Vinyl Doors

Roll-up Door Clear Opening Dimensions


A) Wall Mount / Header Mount

  • Take measurements of the width and height (to the closest point)
  • Make note of any obstructions to the sides or the header area

B) E-track / Standoff Mount

  • Request a worksheet from Paylon to document proper measurements