Flexible Roll up Doors

flexible-roll-up-door Paylon can offer you different variations of flexible roll up doors to meet the most demanding industrial applications. There are several advantages of using these industrial fabric roll up doors over conventional swinging or steel doors. Because they have soft sides, the door can be rolled up at a very high rate of speed. High-speed roll up doors can save a tremendous amount of heat or help retain cold air in applications for cool or cold storage areas. This is especially important when you have several cycles per hour moving a product in and out of storage.

Key Safety Features

Another key feature of an industrial high-speed door, is its safety. Because of its light weight and unique design, it can come down on an object without causing damage to your equipment or more important a person. Flexible roll up doors also have a breakaway feature that if struck by a fork truck or pallet jack allows it to pull away from the track frame, causing little or no damage. After the door is cycled to the up position, it is reset and ready to continue operation.

Key Considerations

Before looking into purchasing a flexible entrance door, determine how many cycles per hour you think you’ll have in your application. You will need to know the door size opening, width and height. Please keep in mind this type of door is not designed for an secured areas like our security roll up doors are.

Applications for Flexible Roll up Doors

  • Cooler and freezer storage doors
  • Manufacturing warehouses doors
  • Food or produce storage doors
  • Assembly plants doors


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