Commercial Retractable Bug/Bird Door


Door Construction – Doors are constructed from high strength 17 x 11 vinyl coated polyester. Screen Standard feature includes Heavy gauge galvanized steel mounting hardware. Heavy duty ball bearing trolleys provide easy glide operation. Full height, heavy galvanized pipe staffs are placed evenly throughout the door, along with cane bolt floor locking pins, for superior wind stabilization.


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Mounting Options

There are 2 mounting options available depending on your needs

  • Wall mount to inside/outside the building
  • Header Mount (within the door opening)

Bi-Parting Door Operation – Optional 

Manually operated, bi-Parting doors are fixed to both jambs and locks in the center. Leading edges of pipe staffs overlap to give complete seal. Nylon cord tieback straps on the fixed sides which keep the screen secure in the open position.

  • Sizes to 20′ x 60′
  • Larger sizes upon request

Product – Bird/Bug Doors

Paylon retractable screen mesh doors offer an economical solution for blocking birds and bugs while maintaining maximum air flow for ventilation. Retractable Bug Screen Doors can work in conjunction with your existing steel doors. Sliding bug door curtains are most commonly used in areas with minimal traffic or to cover large openings. Bug screen dock doors are commonly used in truck loading areas in a warehouse.


Roll up bird doors or roll up bug doors are designed to give maximum air-flow ventilation (which reduces cooling costs while giving maximum protection against insects, birds, rodents, or flying debris. Depending on your application we offer 2 types of retractable doors (Single or bi-parting).


All our commercial bug screen doors come as a complete kit, custom made for your application. The doors are easy to install and are designed to give many years of trouble free operation. The commercial bug screen doors can be either header or face of wall mounted and come with all the necessary parts for a complete installation.

Other Door Types

  • Commercial bird door screens
  • Commercial bug door screens
  • Retractable bird Screen doors
  • Retractable bug screen doors
  • Sliding bird screen curtain
  • Sliding bug screen curtain

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