Commercial Freezer Blast-Cell Doors



Door Construction – Doors are constructed from galvanized steel pipe frame covered with 18 oz. Puncture resistant vinyl and 1/4″ layer of special bubble foil insulation. Available in white or blue.


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Mounting Options

  • Wall mount to inside/outside the building
  • Header Mount (within the door opening)


  • Nylon reinforced vinyl
  • Overlap leading edge
  • Neoprene leading edge cord
  • Vertical stiffeners
  • Steel pipe framework
  • Hypalon Seals at jamb and bottom

Product Blast Cell Doors (Cold Storage/Food Processing)

These doors are made of nylon reinforced vinyl with special bubble foil insulation. They are manually operated closure for loading blast cells. Blast Cell Doors are easily installed, low maintenance and low cost.


Blast cell doors are constructed with high-grade materials with few moving parts. This will ensure easy installation and provide many years of trouble free service. All main components are easy to replace. Depending on your application we offer 2 types of blast cell doors (Single or bi-parting doors).


All our commercial blast cell doors come as a complete kit, custom made for your application. The doors are easy to install and are designed to give many years trouble free operation. The industrial blast cell door can be either be header or face of wall mounted and comes with all the necessary parts for a complete installation.


Other Door Types

  • Commercial blasts cell freezer doors
  • Food Blast cell freezer doors
  • Doors for blast cell freezer

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